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Member detail

ELCOM, a.s.


ELCOM, a.s.
Lomnického 1705/9
140 00  Praha 4

Phone number: +420 558279888 / +420 558 279 999
E-mail: jiri.holoubek@elcom.cz
Web: www.elcom.cz


ELCOM, Inc. has been making business in the field of power electrical engineering, energy engineering, virtual instrumentation and it is divided to the five divisions. Division of Applied Electronics has been working on research, development and production of special power electronic devices for railway, testing and means for quality of electricity improvement. Division of Drives and Motors is specialized workplace for delivering of electromotors and whole regulated drives, mainly in explosion-proof design. Division of Realization and Design specializes in compensations and substation for low and high voltage levels. Division of Manufacturing serves as a production and material-logistic unit for all other division. Division of Virtual Instrumentation was founded in Science and Technological Park in Ostrava. It provides services in the system integration, designing and delivering of measuring and testing workstations that are based on virtual instrumentation.

Economic indicators

Employees: 150
Turnover: 300 mil. CZK