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ALPS Electric Czech, s.r.o.


ALPS Electric Czech, s.r.o.
Sebranice 240
679 31  Sebranice

Phone number: +420 516 490 111
Fax: 516 455 980
E-mail: jobs@alps.cz
Web: www.alps.cz


Our company is OEM manufacturing company. We can assembly any electrical parts or products including suppliying of all components (incl. plastics), if required. Our goal is to supply our customers with top quality products or services on the very competitive prices. We can offer big flexibility on level of production. Our way is to find the cheapest location for production, where the high quality of production can be reached. We have been driven by ISO 9001 quality since 2001, ISO 14001 since 2002 and automotive standard ISO TS 16 949. We also holds several automotive certifications.

Economic indicators

Employees: 400
Turnover: 1 600 mil. CZK