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OEZ s.r.o.


OEZ s.r.o.
Šedivská 339
561 51  Letohrad

Phone number: +420 465 672 301 / +420 465 672 111
E-mail: oez.cz@oez.com
Web: www.oez.cz


Roman Schiffer

Franz Girshick


For more than eight decades the company OEZ has evolved from a producer of circuit breakers and fuses to become an integrated supplier of products and services for protecting electrical circuits and low-voltage devices.

Since 2007 OEZ has been a member of the Siemens group which ensures near constant flow of innovations and new technologies. OEZ´s products have been in use in power engineering, industry, the infrastructure as well as in housing development. The company´s delivery programme focuses on: Modular devices Minia, Moulded case circuit breakers 3VA, Moulded air circuit breakers Arion up to 6300A, Fuse systems Varius and enclosures Distri.


Economic indicators

Employees: 1588
Turnover: N/A