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National Technical Museum


National Technical Museum
Kostelní 42
170 78  Praha 7

Phone number: +420 220 399 101 / +420 220 399 241
Fax: 220 399 200
E-mail: firstname.surname@ntm.cz
Web: www.ntm.cz


The National Technical Museum with its assortment of 60 000 three-dimensional objects, ranks among the oldest and the largest technical museums in the world. The collections include such unique objects as astronomical instruments from the 16th century used by Tycho Brahe, the first automobile produced in the Czech lands, some of the oldest daguerrotypies in the world and many other unique items. In its permanent exhibitions the museum houses collections from the fields of Transport, Mining, Architecture, Astronomy, Photography and Cinema, Printing, Technology in Everyday Life, Story of the National Technical Museum and Motor Engines. The collections also encompass a large archive of history of technology and industry and the library with about 250 000 books. Nowadays, after a long-range reconstruction, twelve permanent exhibitions are opened up to the public: Transport, Architecture, Civil Engineering and Industrial Design, Astronomy, Printing, Photographic Studio, Household Appliances, Mining, Metallurgy, Chemistry around us, Intercamera, Timekeeping and Technology by play.

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