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ELKO EP, s. r. o.


ELKO EP, s. r. o.
Palackého 493
769 01  Holešov – Všetuly

Phone number: +420 573 514 211 / +420 573 514 213
Fax: 573 514 227
E-mail: elko@elkoep.cz
Web: www.elkoep.cz


The primary products of our company for 24 years has been electronic relays, whose production is in second place in Europe. Other important products include installation devices for protection and switching, RF Control our wireless control system  and intelligent iNELS wiring, including enhanced versions of iNELS Multimedia. We are currently certifying new products for Internet access to IoT. For several years, our company has built and certified  a quality management system to ISO 9001 standards and environmental management systems to ISO 14001 certification standard.In 2012, ELKO EP was awarded as the company of the year in the Zlín Region, in 2016 it was awarded the Global Exporter of the Year. Our products have also gained several famous recognition's , such as Gold Amper 2011 for RF Touch, Gold Product Award from the Electrical Engineering Fair 99 - Ostrava for the SMR Multifunction Relay and the Grand Prix for iNELS Multimedia at Electron 2011. The founder and owner of the company Jiří Konečný received the title of Technological Entrepreneur for 2004, included within the 5 most successful entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic for 2016, this year he was recognized as the Smart City 2017 Personality. For work including, installing Lara players in one of the most luxurious tropical resorts of Velaa Private Island in the Maldives, or lighting management at the Ferrari sports showroom in Dubai.

Economic indicators

Employees: 240
Turnover: 20 mil. EUR