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Havlíčkova 432
280 94  Kolín

Phone number: +420 321730111 / +420 321730129
Fax: 321730811
E-mail: kopos@kopos.cz
Web: www.kopos.cz


KOPOS KOLÍN corp. belongs to traditional Czech companies involved in production of electro-installation materials and on the Czech market operates already for many decades. The company has been formed in 1996 and continues what the the Kopos Kablo Kolín, Ltd. had developed. This company was formed after privatization of the Kablo Kolín state enterprise at the beginning of 1990's, but history of this company goes back even to the first Czechoslovak republic. All the time the company focuses mainly on the production of elelectro-installation materials. The KOPOS brand became a synonym to products for use in electro-installations!Even though electro-installation materials are the companyęs major, for many years the company works in area of research and development of radiation shielding in nuclear devices using the product called NEUTROSTOP.

Economic indicators

Employees: 355
Turnover: 1 218 mil. CZK