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SpeechTech, s.r.o.


SpeechTech, s.r.o.
Hodonínská 61
323 00  Plzeň

Phone number: +420 373 310 079
E-mail: info@speechtech.cz
Web: www.speechtech.cz


Company SpeechTech, Ltd. is involved in research, development, and applying voice technology built on the results of its own development. The company offers: Text-To-Speech (TTS), you can try our demo at http://www.speechtech.cz/en/demo-tts TTS is used in telephony applications, information systems, online advertising campaigns, telemarketing and more. Other languages are in progress. Voice biometrics – identification of a person by his/her voice; Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), working in real time, can be used for identifying the content of phone calls; on-line dictating into a microphone; transcribing TV shows; or for the automatic transcription of speech recordings; Automatic captioning of live broadcast television programs. It is used by Czech TV; Automatic dictation system working with more than a million-word vocabulary on a common personal komputer; Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems equipped with ASR, TTS and Spoken Language Understanding module allowing the user to communicate in his/her natural language.

Economic indicators

Employees: 5
Turnover: 8 mil. CZK