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ELEDUS s.r.o.


ELEDUS s.r.o.
Podnikatelská 2956/6
612 00  Brno

Phone number: +420 732 936 929
E-mail: info@eledus.cz
Web: www.eledus.cz


We are engaged in the development and production of X-ray and CT inspection equipment for industrial non-destructive testing, control and inspection. X-ray devices are used during quality checks souldering modern components in BGA and QFN packages where the optical control methods are insufficient. X-ray (RTG) radiation can penetrate through the material and make it possible to see into the products, which can not be visually tested. You can detect short circuits inside the component, check the quality of the soldering cooling pads beneath the chip and test the BGA mounting at the joints, in order to prevent the formation of voids (air bubbles). X-ray devices of ELEDUS Company s.r.o. can also be used for quality control of welds in machine design or for quality control of the product casting or completation of any other products.

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