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TVF, s.r.o.


TVF, s.r.o.
Pechova 26
615 00  Brno

Phone number: +420 602 322 645 / +420 602 511 994
Fax: 548 226 056
E-mail: tvf@tvf.cz
Web: www.tvf.cz


Mgr. Oldřich Brýža, MBA
managing director

Ing. Marie Brýžová

Daniela Faltynková


TVF, s.r.o. is a television and advertising company from Brno, focusing on complete creation of audio-visual programmes, especially TV reports and video-marketing. Specializing in filming at trade fairs, videostreaming from conferences (including multi-camera shooting), webinars and other events. We produce various videos, clips, brand management, commercials and sponsoring. Our team is filming across the Czech Republic and also anywhere abroad. We can prepare multilingual dubbing of TV programmes and commercials made by us or by different companies. We are also providing radio and Internet commercials including purchase of an airtime. By owning a drone and other various technical devices we are able to shoot aerial photos to make  shots effective and dynamic.

Our advantage is not only in devising and producing the content, but also in presenting it on our “TVFBrno” channel.


CHECK OUT our TV programmes on: https://www.youtube.com/user/TVFBrno 

TVFBrno” subscribed by more than 12k subsribers (the target group are people of working age), works as a thematic television channel where you can choose from more than 2k programmes.

Economic indicators

Employees: 4