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IMA s.r.o.


IMA s.r.o.
Na Valentince 1003/1
150 00  Praha 5

Phone number: +420 251 081 097
E-mail: ima@ima.cz
Web: www.ima.cz


Founded in 1992, IMA is active in the segment of identification systems, in addition to research and development services in the field of software and HW.

In 2017, IMA started working with WITTE Automotive, a German company, on innovative controller and sensor systems, for example for gesture recognition.

By taking a 24% stake in IMA, Witte Automotive expanded its portfolio in the control units and sensors segment in August 2018.

As of January 1, 2021, WITTE Automotive has taken over 100% of IMA's shares, making it a full member of the WITTE Automotive consortium.

IMA's products are used by many companies as well as authorities and schools for access control, access control and data logging.

Our technologies have been installed at well-known companies such as Skoda, Siemens and Foxconn.

Economic indicators

Employees: 85