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ejoin CZ s.r.o.


ejoin CZ s.r.o.
K Pasekám 2984/45
760 01  Zlín

Phone number: +420 732 534 344 / 00421949605967
E-mail: info@ejoin.cz
Web: www.ejoin.cz


Ing. Silvester Buček


Our company has been a part of a consortium involved in energetic and renewable resources since 2010. This consortium owns and runs renewable resources in the capacity of 20 MW. Besides that we also own local distributional web of charging stations. Our consortium also realized a construction of photovoltaic and water power stations in numerous countries of European union with total power of more than 25 MW. Knowledge we gathered throughout the years of experience is one of our biggest advantages. We develop and produce our own charging stations, which means we are able to react to any of our clients requirements as well as always changing market.

Our vision and goal is to create international (global) web of charging stations that will solve the increasing need of electric energy for cars. We want to prove to skeptics that charging stations and electric cars are not only things of bigger cities and that it excludes potential customers of smaller ones. One of our goals is their strategic placement in places usually visited by larger groups of people such as shopping malls, fast food reastaurants and turist destinations, making our chargers always available. But we also realize that it’s something new, so people need the best access to our services. That is why we offer the shopping malls an option to link our paying system with their loyalty program or payment for goods.

Economic indicators

Employees: 2
Turnover: 500 tis Kč