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Misterine s.r.o.


Misterine s.r.o.
Vyskočilova 1326/5
140 00  Praha 4

Phone number: +420 607 278 776
E-mail: tomas.meznik@misterine.com
Web: www.misterine.com


MUDr David Grünthal

Karel Kučera


Misterine is providing an Augmented Reality platform that automates the creation of AR instructions based on Computer Aided Design (CAD), as well as technical and product data applied in the production of the highly complex industrial products (from assembly of electrical racks to servicing jet engines). Our unique AR platform validates the product data, derives elements from the traditional paper manuals, and automatically creates AR instructions which can be displayed on modern devices such as tablets, smart phone, HoloLens, and smart glasses. Such AR solutions can accelerate the commercialization of new products and support maintenance activities without the burden of complicated written manuals and cumbersome paperwork which would hinder industrial innovation. It can be used in all industry verticals – electrotechnical, automotive, aerospace etc. Using our AR solution is reducing the cost of labor, reducing the need for highly trained and skilled work force, shortening maintenance windows, speeding up the assembly and service processes, and eliminating human error.

Economic indicators

Employees: 20