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Modem Tec s. r. o.


Modem Tec s. r. o.
Oldřichovice 738
739 61  Třinec

Phone number: 558 558 311
E-mail: obchod@modemtec.cz
Web: www.modemtec.cz


ModemTec s.r.o. has been successfully engaged in the development and production of equipment for communication over low-voltage and middle-voltage power lines, enable reliable data transmission over distances of several tenth of kilometers for over 20 years. The latest product from company’s portfolio, called PD Doctor, focuses on online detection and diagnostics of partial discharges.

PD Doctor
increases operational reliability and security of electrical energy supply
reduces production of CO2 emissions
- reduces operating and maintenance costs
contributes to the prediction and extension of the system lifetime

PD Doctor brings precise and reliable diagnostics and monitoring of middle-voltage line insulation and equipment in transformer stations and substations. It also increases the reliability of electricity supply thanks to online detection of line damage and anomalies in operating conditions. The system stores measured data, so it is possible to analyze the history of operating conditions, including events before failures.

Online monitoring of partial discharges can determine the trend of electrical line and equipment degradation, which leads to better maintenance planning. PD Doctor reduces necessary cost for prophylaxis by thousands of euros per transformer station per year and eliminates service trips.

Economic indicators

Employees: 20