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CAMEA Group, a. s.


CAMEA Group, a. s.
Karásek 2290/1m
621 00  Brno

Phone number: +420 541 228 874
E-mail: camea@camea.cz
Web: www.cameatechnology.com


CAMEA was founded by university researchers in 1995. Motivated by new challenges, the company has introduced numerous cutting-edge solutions in two main categories - Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and systems for visual inspection in industry. The core product of the current portfolio and the most complex source of traffic data is Weigh-In-Motion (WIM). CAMEA is the world leader in the system’s application for direct enforcement which is a solution with the best available influence on road protection. With 40 % of employees in development, CAMEA keeps its strong R&D orientation, both in SW and HW. The company offers a possibility of custom designing, as well as further unique customer solutions that range from OEM to turn-key. All products are continuously improved to ensure long-lasting user satisfaction. CAMEA closely cooperates with the Brno University of Technology on application of advanced AI and other projects with state-of the-art outcomes. Today, more than 1350 traffic lanes on 4 continents are monitored with CAMEA's intelligent systems that save costs and improve road safety and transportation in general.

Economic indicators

Employees: 6
Turnover: 170 mil CZK