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MICRONIX, spol. s r.o.


MICRONIX, spol. s r.o.
Antala Staška 1076/33a
140 00  Praha 4

Phone number: 225 282 700
E-mail: merici@micronix.cz
Web: www.micronix.cz


The history of our company goes back to 1990, when we started business with importing office equipment and measurement instruments. In 1993, we changed to limited liability company with registered capital 100 000CZK. At this time, MICRONIX also expanded its activities to the division of batteries. At the beginning of 1996, we increased the capital up to 700 000CZK, and also, we established the related company in Slovakia based in Banská Bystrica. Than, the company Yuapol in Poland was opened in 1997. The company entered the new millennium already with assets of 10mill.CZK and new office in Bratislava. A year later, we expanded to Hungary. In 2006, the Polish company Yuapol was renamed to MICRONIX PL. We have our own assembly team and we deal not only with foreign trade, but also with calibrations and warranty and after warranty service on all our products.

Economic indicators

Employees: 25
Turnover: 390 mil. CZK