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cthings.co sp. z.o.o.


cthings.co sp. z.o.o.
Mokotowska 1
PL-00-640  Warszawa, Poland

Phone number: +48 602 617 124
E-mail: contact@cthings.co
Web: www.cthings.co


CTHINGS.CO, headquartered in Poland and with operational branches in Austria and Denmark, provides comprehensive 5G IoT solutions that enable enterprises to access valuable data sources hidden in their processes and resources. The solutions use state-of-the-art technology and components to monitor, capture, transmit and analyze huge amounts of data in near real-time. The company comprehensively supports the digital transformation of industries and cities. Its portfolio of 5G connectivity infrastructure solutions, sensor networks for asset tracking and remote distributed monitoring can be combined and customized to accommodate even the most specific use cases. With a solid background in IoT and telecommunications, CTHINGS.CO currently serves global clients in the areas of logistics, manufacturing, green energy and smart city services.

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