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Kinalisoft s.r.o.


Kinalisoft s.r.o.
Cejl 37/62
602 00  Brno

Phone number: 511 112 218
E-mail: info@kinali.cz
Web: www.kinali.cz


Kinali is a Czech deep tech company focusing on the development and implementation of machine vision, robotics and industrial software solutions. Our devices give real meaning to the term "precision measurement" by helping to check the quality of components and products made of various materials (metal, plastic, wood, ...). Products that are used by practically all of us. 

One of the fruits of our team's work is the Test-it-off solution used to automate end-of-line inspection, primarily of PCBs, without human assistance (in Dark factory mode) and regardless of production volume. Test-it-off also handles production in High-Mix Low-Volume mode.

Our software in turn breathes life into machines used by companies such as Apple, Siemens, Airbus, Lockheed Martin and NASA. Others are used by scientists around the world for their research.

We started as a team of two about 15 years ago. Today, our multinational team serves clients in many European countries.

Economic indicators

Employees: 17
Turnover: 55 mil. CZK