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Member detail

KOSYKA, s.r.o.


KOSYKA, s.r.o.
Hruškové Dvory 118
586 01  Jihlava

Phone number: +420 731 471 041 / +420 777 648 100
E-mail: info@kosyka.cz
Web: www.kosyka.cz


We are a stable, strongly export-oriented company, founded in 1995 in Jihlava, and apart from our manufacturing activities we are also engaged in the business of contacts and connectors. We are the exclusive sales representative of world companies J.S.T. and Binder for the Czech Republic and we supply our products to a number of industries such as automotive, medical, measuring technology, aerospace and defence.

Economic indicators

Employees: 132
Turnover: 252 mil. CZK